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Implement and execute on the strategies needed to dominate your industry on and offline.

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A Variety of Tailored Services

to help your business excel online!


Social Media & Platform Management

Social media is an affordable way to communicate and effectively market your business to a potential customer. We know what it takes to develop effective strategies that leverage good business opportunities.


Social Media Advertising

Implementing the right Facebook campaigns helps you catch the eye of customers and build rapport with them. With over 1 billion active users on Facebook, advertisements are the best way to grab their attention.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Start directing your target audience right to you and your website. Get an ad placement in a search engines sponsored links when users search for your designated keyword.


Website Development

Think of it as your digital storefront. A database of information pertaining to your business. They say you have one chance to make a first impression, so let’s make it worth it.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one the oldest forms of digital marketing. Yet, it still maintains to yield some outstanding results. Pair it with paid advertising and a few funnels, and you’ll be able to drive sales and build deeper relationships with each of your customers.



It’s important to us that your investment in us, is an investment into your future. That’s why with the purchase of any of our services, we work with you and your team to devise strategies and implement systems  that are guarenteed to set your business up for success.

Traditional marketing is a thing of the past. Go Digital!


About Connors Connections

Founded in October of 2018 and located in Western Massachusetts, Connors Connections is a digital marketing agency that serves the commonwealth and beyond. Since the start, we have always had one goal in mind; to help business owners connect with their audience through the power of social media. Our creative quirk has allowed us to properly promote our clients services, products, or brands, with a twist, helping them stand out among their competitors.

Dedicated to the betterment and success of our clients’ businesses and brands, Connors Connections is focused on being as client-centric as possible, ensuring communication and top notch service is at the top of our list. Establishing and building relationships around trust, commitment, and hard work is what we aim to do each and every day.


Clients that love us and trust us

Connor assisted me with setting up my Google profile and he optimized my Facebook business page, Simply Focused Coaching. Up until now, I thought my page was "good enough" but I was wrong. Connor changed my profile picture, cover photo and my story. Going to my business page makes me happy now, and sometimes I go look just because it looks really good. I have also seen an increase in traffic, which the whole point, is it not? I highly recommend working with Connor. He is easy to communicate with and has a solid sense of design. Thank you, Connor
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Julie Smith Manning
Simply Focused Coaching

About Connor

Connor Sousa

Connor Sousa

Owner and Founder

Connor is a 17-year-old entrepreneur that founded Connors Connections in October of 2018. Dedicated to providing results, Connor and his team are sure to help their clients surpass the bottom line and go above and beyond.

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